Francine St George

Francine St George

MSc (Med), BSc (Anat), PGD Physio, PGD Sport Sc
Cert Acupuncture
Physiotherapist/ Sports Scientist

Member Australian Physiotherapy Association



Francine opened the Physio Posture Fitness Clinic in 1999. “I really enjoy setting up personalised exercise programs for my patients, irrespective of their fitness level.  PPFC enables me to progress my patients from hands on treatment, to working out in a gym with their own program, all supervised by a physiotherapist.”


In the early stages of her career Francine travelled with a number of elite sporting teams including the Australian University hockey team and the Australian University rugby team.  Over the last 20 years she has also worked at national and international sporting meets such as the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane and the World University Games in both Canada and Japan.



As well as having anatomy, sports science and physiotherapy training, Francine completed a Masters of Science (Medical Faculty University of Sydney). Her thesis topic was Investigation of the Lumbar Disc of the Elite Athlete using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The information she gained completing her thesis has been invaluable to her career working with clients of all ages and fitness levels as well as athletes.



Francine has been presenting courses for health professionals and the general public since 1982 both nationally and internationally. Her popular workshops are now offered through the Physio Coaching Academy Australia. The techniques taught are also available as DVD’s and downloads available at


Francine has written a number of books; her most recent release is –

The Back Pain Handbook, New ways to recover and keep fit. 

Available from

Her other titles are: New Bodyworks, Bodyworks, The Stretching Handbook, The Muscle Fitness Book.


Wellness Sessions

The BodiHealth unit uses an ultra low frequency of electrical current. The therapy is called Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT). It has been show to be beneficial for accelerated recovery of injury. Francine founded www.ETWellness.comto enable this therapy to be available to health practitioners around Australia.
Although passionate about her work, Francine tries not to miss her daily ocean swim at one of Sydney’s fabulous beaches.


To book in with Francine –  Ph: 9399 7399 E:


                                                  Francine’s new book The Back Pain Handbook