James Garth

James Garth

B.Health.Sc; M.Physiotherapy; Dry Needling level 1; SPA sports level 1

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Why did you decide to become a physiotherapist?

I have always had a strong interest in the human body. I started seeing a Physiotherapist at the age of 5, when I broke my arm in the same area twice. I really liked my Physio and what he was able to do for me, and now I enjoy giving the same care to others.


What is your favourite area to treat?

The lower back; I had a bad back when I was a teenager that prevented me from playing sport and I become determined to fix it so I could get back to playing the sports that I loved. I can now pass on the exercise’s that worked for me, as well as all the knowledge I have gained over the years from both studying and treating.

I also really enjoy treating the ankle; The research on this area is incredibly interesting and I find this really helpful to use when working with my patients.


How do you apply your experience as a CrossFit coach to a Physio Exercise class?

My CrossFit teaching experience helps me to structure my classes in order to get the most out of a strength and fitness program. Pain really alters how people move and my training as a coach allows me to provide my clients with confidence to move more freely again.


How has working with HumanTrak changed the way you treat your patients?

Since joining PPFC I have been using HumanTrak regularly. You can see immediately using 3D technology any postural imbalance you may have. Once we have identified these – you are shown how to improve many of the exercises you are doing in thy gym. HumanTrak is invaluable in helping you overcome your injury.


To book in with James to help you with:
  • Sports injuries
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Posture Assessment
  • Exercise Prescription

call: 9399 7399 or email: enquiries@physiopfc.com