TMJ Pain (Jaw Pain) and Headaches


TMJ Pain (Jaw Pain) and Headaches


Headaches, TMJ (temporomandibular joint, or jaw) pain, ear ache and clicking jaw are all common complaints that we hear from our patients at PPFC. Many of these patients are referred to us from dentists for treatment for TMJ pain and associated conditions.


This TMJ pain may be due to recent dental work, jaw stiffness or misalignment, sleeping posture and teeth grinding, sitting posture and work patterns.


Your treatment may include relaxing the muscles of the neck and jaw using gentle massage and exercises to release any overactive muscles and realign neck posture. We will also address any work or postural habits which may be contributing to your pain.


If you have TMJ Pain or Headaches, we recommend you book in with:

If you are not able to visit our Clinic and would like to work through some TMJ exercises at home, we have DVDs and Video Downloads available.