Knee injuries


Knee Injuries

– Do you get pain in the knee during or after exercise?
– Does your knee make cracking noises?
– Is your knee painful when you go down stairs?
– Have you had knee surgery?
– Have you injured your knee whilst playing sport?

These are all common complaints that we hear from our patients at PPFC and are all injuries that can be treated successfully with Physiotherapy. The 3 most common causes of gradual onset knee pain are poor foot posture or footwear, muscle imbalance around the lower limb and trunk and increasing or changing sporting activity suddenly.

At PPFC we don’t just treat the injury that you present with, we also work out what factors have led to your injury occurring, educate you on how to best manage your injury, and give you a step by step plan on how to prevent this injury from recurring. The majority of knee injuries require a combination of treatments, which may include massage, joint mobilisation, taping, acupuncture, stretches and strengthening work. We can also assess if your foot posture is contributing to your knee pain, and can work with your podiatrist to find the best long term solutions for you.

We recommend that if you are currently in pain, you book in and see us as soon as possible. This will prevent your injury worsening, and get you back on track sooner. Please call us on 9399 7399 to book in or find out more.

If you have knee pain or a knee injury, we recommend you book in with: