Pilates & PGS


New!*  Yoga

Yoga with Sabrina Youkhana, a physiotherapist and qualified Yoga teacher, is a mixture of Hatha (alignment) and Vinyasa (dynamic movements) elements.


These fun 45 minutes classes run on Wednesdays 12.15pm, 1.30pm and 4pm.


Classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Yoga is most beneficial to anyone that would like to increase their flexibility, postural awareness, balance and strength.

You will find yourself leaving from your class relaxed, re-energised and with a deepened mind-body connection.


Pilates Classes & Physiotherapy Group Sessions (PGS)

At PPFC, we offer Physiotherapy Group Exercise Sessions where you can work through your own individual exercise program, and Pilates Classes to help improve your strength, stability and flexibility.

What is the difference between a Pilates Class and a PGS?

Our Pilates Classes are either mat or Reformer based. There is a maximum of 6 people in a class, and you will all be doing a similar exercise routine.
In a PGS, your physiotherapist will have designed a personalised exercise program to assist you to overcome your pain or injury, which you work through, supervised by a physiotherapist, in a group of 4-6 people.


1:1 Pilates with Mirka

Mirka Kubeckova offers personalised Pilates sessions in our gym. She will work directly with your Physiotherapist to ensure you are working safely and effectively. These 1:1 Sessions are ideal if you are more comfortable exercising in a private, closely supervised environment, if you are new to Pilates, or want to progress into a more challenging class.

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To join a Pilates Class or PGS, the first step is to do a screening with one of our Physiotherapists. This permits the physio to identify the key areas you need to work on, and they will determine whether Pilates or PGS is most suitable for you. They will also address any core retraining that may be required – and will use Real Time Ultrasound to show you how to use these muscles more effectively. Screenings, PGS and Pilates Classes can all be claimed through your private health fund.


Packages, Terms and Yearly Enrolment

We offer 6 week packages, terms and yearly enrolments for PGS and Pilates Classes.

For regular attendees, we offer free 1:1 Sessions and Wellness Sessions twice a year. - Ask us for more details!

You are also most welcome to attend casually. Please note that all exercise sessions must be pre-booked.


Term 3 2017 PGS and Pilates schedule

(Monday 17 July – Saturday 7 October)

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