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Our main Pilates Instructor is Mirka Kubeckova, a highly qualified teacher who works closely with our Physio team. Mirka offers 1:1 Pilates Sessions and small group Pilates Classes in our Randwick clinic.


Our Pilates Sessions and Classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and the sessions can be individualised to meet your specific goals. Mirka is also trained to progress your exercises when you’re ready, or offer alternative exercises so that your session is always fun and interesting!

1:1 Pilates

Mirka will work directly with your Physiotherapist to ensure you are working safely and effectively. These 1:1 Sessions are ideal if you are more comfortable exercising in a private, closely supervised environment, if you are new to Pilates, or want to progress into a more challenging class.


Our Pilates Equipment

Pilates equipment is designed to offer resistance during exercise to improve the recruitment of key stability muscles.  Our Pilates Studio equipment includes:


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The Pilates Reformer: Provides resistance to help develop core strength and flexibility.

The Cadillac or Trapeze Table: A six-foot-high apparatus with a mat, bars, arm and leg springs and a trapeze.

The Wunda Chair: A compact box with one side that can be pressed down against the resistance of springs.

Barrels: Designed for arching the body over in a variety of movements. They help stretch the muscles and develop core strength.

The Pilates Ball or Swiss Ball: Used to work all the muscles that contribute to core strength.

Therabands: Stretchy bands that provide adjustable resistance for strength exercises.

Some of our Pilates Classes are mat based, while others use the Reformer. During a 1:1 Pilates Session, you may use several different kinds of equipment including the Reformer, as well as doing some mat work – it all depends on your goals and preferences.


To find out more or to book a Pilates Class or 1:1 Session, please call us on 02 9399 7399



 Term 2  2018   Mon 24 April – Saturday 14 July

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