Posture Assessment

We can help align your posture

You will feel the benefits of posture alignment straight away, giving you more energy, less aches and pain, improved muscle tone….


Posture is how your body positions itself in static (eg. sitting, standing) and dynamic (eg. walking, lifting, carrying bags) situations for optimal balance, strength and ease.


Our posture gets heavily affected by our lifestyle habits – standing with our weight on one leg, locking our knees, sitting for long periods of time. The use of phones or tablets causes us to slouch and drop our heads forward.  No wonder we get achy neck or back and feel tight.


Improving posture is important at any age.img289
  • In teens poor posture can affect mood, ability to concentrate on studies, and affect the final shape of their skeletal frame.
  • In adults poor posture affects not only pain and the risk of injuries, but productivity and energy levels as well.
What can we do to assist our  posture?
  • Spend less time in any one position.
  • Take frequent stretch breaks away from the computer work or study.
  • A regular personalised exercise program suited to your body type.



For an accurate assessment of your posture contact us on 9399 7399

Your physiotherapist will:
  • Identify your postural type.
  • Assess areas of weakness/tightness in your body.
  • Create a specific program of stretching and strengthening for you to optimise your movement and reduce stress and strain on your body.