Shoulder Injuries


Shoulder Injuries

-Does your shoulder “click”?
-Does it “pinch” when you lift your arm?
-Is there pain behind your shoulder that you just can’t get to?
-Can you no longer lift your arm above your head?

The shoulder joint is unique. It is the most mobile, one of the largest and, arguably, the most complex joint in the human body. It must be strong enough to perform a push-up, stable enough to withstand a tackle and flexible enough to do up a bra. A large humeral ball fits into a small shallow socket, requiring myriad soft tissue structures to support it.

Each shoulder is unique and each condition may have biomechanical changes and the adjacent joints contributing to the problem. The shoulder is complex. Modern life is repetitive. Lots can go wrong.

At PPFC we take the time to look at the whole you. We know that we must wholly understand your problem and each contributing factor to resolve your pain. Real Time Ultrasound technology allows us to look inside the body for more accurate diagnosis, understanding and biofeedback. Electromyography shows how your muscles are working and any muscle imbalance. Treatment may involve massage, mobilisation, stretching and strengthening, postural correction, taping, acupuncture, and always lots of education! You may spend time in one of our three physiotherapist supervised gymnasiums to hone your new skills.

A PPFC physiotherapist will examine all of you with the time, care and expertise required to get to the cause of your problems, educate you as to how to best care for your shoulder now and in the future, and provide a step by step plan for your recovery.

For Shoulder Pain and Injuries, we recommend:

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