Sports Injuries


The most common sports injuries we treat are ankle sprains, shoulder and elbow injuries, knee injuries, back aches and muscle strains. No matter your sport or level of fitness, we can assist you in a speedier recovery from injury and a faster return to sport.

We will clarify your diagnosis, ensure you understand the anatomy and reason for your pain, and provide you with clear guidelines on how to maintain your fitness while recovering from your injury.

It is very important to not only treat your current injury, but identify why it occurred initially – this is particularly important for longstanding or recurrent pain.

Your treatment may include:

  • Massage and joint mobilisation
  • Stretches and strengthening exercises
  • Assessment with real time ultrasound to identify if you are doing your core stability exercises correctly

We highly recommend that if you are currently in pain, you book in and see us as soon as possible. The sooner you see us, the faster your recovery will be. To find out how our physiotherapists can help, please call us on 9399 7399.

If you have a sports injury, we recommend you book in with:

The Back Pain Handbook - Francine St George


This book will help if you are exhausted, tired of having to live with back pain and ready to learn:

  • how to strengthen your core muscles to prevent your back from locking
  • why previous injuries can hamper your recovery from back pain and how you can change this
  • exercise and solutions for your back and for your whole body, for better posture and fitness, and
  • strategies to get you through an acute episode and prevent longstanding back pain.