3D Movement Analysis System – Humantrak

3D Movement Analysis System*

Allows you to:

See your posture immediately in 3D

Identify why your injury may keep returning

Learn how to improve your sporting or exercise technique

We are one of the first clinics in Australia to offer this advanced technology!

The components of HUMANTRAK* include:


  • A 3D Camera
  • Wrist and ankle inertial sensors






This sophisticated technology then allows us measure and see:

Your postural alignment

The forces through each hip, knee and ankle.

The amount of load and symmetry through each side of your body as you stand, squat and test your balance

Some of the tests include:

Single leg squat
All joint range of motion tests

Once the assessment is complete, we can provide you with a report of your findings immediately. Using this technology allows us to streamline the exercises that will help you overcome your injury.

You will find it fascinating to be able to monitor how you have progressed and improved throughout your physiotherapy treatment plan.

If you are wanting to learn how to improve your posture or wondering why you keep get a specific niggle or ache when you exercise, 3D Analysis can help with this!


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