Christine Davoren

Christine Davoren (Hesse)

BAdvSc(Anat), BAppSc(Phty) MAPA Physiotherapist
PPFC Pilates Instructor


Christine is an experienced physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, and has worked at PPFC for 10 years. She currently takes our popular Saturday morning Pilates classes.


Christine has completed degrees in both Anatomy and Physiotherapy. She has also been trained in Clinical Pilates and brings to the practice her experience in teaching classes that enable people to learn about their bodies and manage their pain and symptoms with stability based exercises.


Her particular passion is helping clients achieve their recovery and fitness goals over the short and long term. She enjoys getting to know clients and how their bodies move, so she can cater for their specific needs during every class. Also, working as a senior Physiotherapist in a busy Intensive Care Unit, Christine’s focus is always holistic, with attention to detail and individualised treatment.


Christine attributes her in depth knowledge of Physiotherapy and Pilates to regaining strength after two pregnancies, including twins. She has treated post natal patients in and out of hospital and is aware of their specific strengthening needs and precautions. Christine feels she is also particularly inspired by PPFC’s older clients that attend week after week, as our classes cater for all ages- from teenagers to septuagenarians!


Her fitness regime includes running, swimming, walking, cycling and Bikram yoga, so she can relate to many associated injuries and can work with you to improve your form through core strengthening and education.


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