Healthy Bones and Balance

Healthy Bones and Balance Class

This class is more gentle than our PGS and Pilates classes. It is particularly suitable for you if you are starting to find everyday activities a little more challenging.

  1. Do your hips or knees hurt when you walk up or down steps?
  2. Are you looking down at the ground more when you are out walking?
  3. Have your friends and family told you that you are stooping more?
  4. Has your GP said you have osteoarthritis, osteopenia or osteoporosis and advised you to get stronger?
  5. Are your joints stiff in the morning and it takes you a while to get moving?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this class is perfect for you!

We will work at your pace to help you get:

  • Fitter
  • Stronger
  • More confident to move more freely
  • Better balance = less falls


Are you hypermobile?


If you are hypermobile this class would also be fantastic for you!

Muscle strengthening and weightbearing exercises are essential for supporting all your hyperflexible joints!





Healthy Bones and Balance Class is taught by a Physiotherapist.

Your physio will do a pre-screening assessment and together we will determine the goals you are wanting to achieve.

As part of your screening you will have the opportunity to experience our 3D Testing with Humantrak. 

This will measure your current balance, posture and overall strength.


Call us on Ph: (02) 9399 7399  or email to book your screening session and your class.