Mirka Kubeckova

Mirka Kubeckova

Fitness Australia Accredited Exercise Professional and Pilates Instructor, APPI Certified Pilates Mat and Equipment Instructor, Dip HR, Cert III Nutrition, Adv Dip Marketing,

Clinic Coordinator, EPRT Therapist



Mirka is a passionate and enthusiastic Pilates Instructor, who decided to study Pilates after several years working with PPFC, and seeing how important exercise is for injury and pain recovery and for overall fitness.


Mirka is particularly interested in using Pilates to work “”from the inside out”, first focusing on stability and correct muscle activation, before moving on to the larger muscles. Mirka enjoys taking our Pilates classes, as they are kept small, and she can work with each person individually. Working with our treating physiotherapists, Mirka ensures everyone is exercising safely and effectively, and progressing with each class towards their goals.


Mirka lives what she teaches, and has a very active life outside the clinic, spending her weekends rock climbing, canyoning, mountain biking and hiking.

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To make a booking with Mirka –  Ph: 9399 7399 E: enquiries@physiopfc.com


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