Physiotherapy Group Sessions (PGS)

Physiotherapy Group Sessions (PGS)pilates_physio_gym“Attending sessions has made a massive difference in improving my strength, flexibility and balance. And  it has been enjoyable! Ed Davis.

We call our small group Exercise sessions PGS (Physiotherapy Group Sessions). 

This gives you the opportunity to improve your:

Postural strength
Balance or
 Reduce your pain 

In a PGS, you will be working through your own personalised exercise program supervised by a Physiotherapist.

What is the difference between a PGS, and a Pilates Class?

In a PGS you will have you own program; In a Pilates Class participants will all be doing a similar exercise routine..

In all our sessions and classes there is a maximum of 6 people.


First step is a screening. Your physio will identify key areas you are wanting to work on and will be able to determine what flexibility or strength work you require. We may also use Real Time Ultrasound to assess your core strength.  Or 3D posture analysis  if you would like a computerised and more detailed musculoskeletal screening. No matter your level of fitness you will find it fascinating what you learn from this.

We offer:

Term enrolment
6 week packages
Casual sessions

Your progress is reviewed weekly and at the end of term.

PGS can be claimed through private health funds, please check with your provider.

IGS (Independent Gym Sessions) –  give you the option to use all our gym equipment and Pilates facilities by yourself, once your treating Physiotherapist has approved you can exercise independently.


Please note that all Exercise sessions and Pilates classes must be pre-booked.


Holiday Season Schedule

Term 1

Tuesday 28 January – Saturday 18 April 


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