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Have you been diagnosed with a meniscal tear?

The usual symptoms of a meniscal tear may include:

  • Your knee feels like it is about to buckle as you are going down a step
  • You have pain on the inside aspect of the knee
  • You have pain under your kneecap

It is often assumed that surgery is required for a meniscal tear.

Research has demonstrated that doing strengthening exercises was equally as effective in the long term, as having surgery.

If you are experiencing these symptoms we can show you 3 very specific Physio exercises for strengthening your quadriceps, calf muscles and gluteals – that often very quickly resolves your knee pain.

Other knee conditions that we can help you with:

  1. Runners knee: this is usually a biomechanical related problem. It requires specific ITB stretches, knee and core strengthening. We will also show you how to tape your knee with the goal of allowing you to continue your running, in conjunction with doing your specific Physio exercises.
  2. Knee pain when you are doing weight training: again this is usually biomechanically related. We will be assessing your technique and will be able to show you the specific exercises to take the pressure off your knees and improve your alignment when you are doing your weight training.
  3. Teenagers knee pain: when children are going through a growth spurt it is really important that if they are experiencing knee pain they are assessed by a Physio. We will be able to determine if they should scale back their training to ensure they look after their knees at this age! If your child plays a high-impact sport such as basketball, tennis, or rugby we highly recommend they come in for a preventative biomechanical assessment and learn exercises to prevent teenage knee pain developing!

As part of the solution to treating your knee pain we may do a posture assessment to be sure you can see where the problem is coming from: our goal is to stop it returning. 

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