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Train your brain while keeping fit

What is neurofitness?
= Brain
Fitness = the condition of being physically fit and healthy.

Challenging your brain at the same time as you challenge your body, is one of the key elements to enjoying excellent health and fitness.

Cognitive Exercises

Research has shown that doing a daily 5 – 8 minute routine of cognitive exercises, while you challenge your stability and balance, can improve your attention, focus, and memory.

We are now offering NeuroFit Training Sessions at PPFC.

If you notice that you have a slight difference in the right or left side of either your upper or lower body, particularly if you are recovering from an injury or surgery, a Neurofit session can identify these imbalances. With some fun exercises and cognitive skills – you will learn how to correct this!

Try our PPFC NeuroFitness challenge as Francine and Mirka demonstrate an example of a Neurofit exercise on our PPFC YouTube channel.

Download your Numbers Chart here

Neuro Athletics

I do regular competitive sport, and would like to improve my performance. Can Neurofitness help me?


This is called Neuro Athletics. You will start with the cognitive and balance skills that are involved in all NeuroFit Sessions – then these will be progressed to match the goals and demands of your sport. You will easily integrate the exercises into your fitness regime and notice the improvements in your agility, speed, and sports performance – often immediately!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I suitable?

If you would like to improve your memory, balance, or experience brain fog when you have an episode of pain, then you will definitely benefit from a NeuroFit Training session.

What’s involved?

You will be taken through specific cognitive tests while your balance, stability and co-ordination are being gently but progressively challenged. At the completion of the session, you will be provided with details of how you can continue to do this at home.

How long does a NeuroFit or Neuroathletic Session take?

We recommend allowing 45 minutes for your first Neurofit session.

Monthly follow-up sessions with our Personal Trainer or one of our Physio Team are ideal – to ensure you keep progressing and improving!

60 minutes is recommended for a Neuroathletics Session. Follow-up Sessions are also recommended to be with Francine who will continue to fine-tune how you are progressing with your fitness goals.

How long will I need to spend doing these exercises?

Ideally 5 – 8 minutes per day: if you do them only three times per week you will still be surprised at how quickly you notice improvements.

If you are an elite or recreational athlete, you will be easily able to integrate the skills and drills into your daily fitness and training regime.

All NeuroFit Training Sessions are claimable from your Health Fund.

I have been diagnosed with a Neurological Condition - are Neurofit skills suitable for me?

We would recommend you consult a Physio who is specifically trained in Neurological conditions. They have the expertise in teaching you cognitive skills, balance, and strength exercises specific to your condition. If you are a current client of PPFC, do ask your treating Physio if any of our Neurofit skills or drills would be suitable for you.

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