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The shoulder joint is a complex structure that can become painful from over-activity or under activity!  Whether your pain is in your shoulder, under your shoulder blade or you are experiencing tight neck and shoulders, Physiotherapy can help.

The typical shoulder problems we can help you with include:

Rotator cuff impingement. 

Rotator cuff impingement is very common and is one of the leading causes of shoulder pain. It is largely due to the poor biomechanics of our arm and shoulder blade (scapula) movement. This can lead to shoulder impingement and catching as you raise your arm beyond 90 degrees.  Sometimes your shoulder will ache or be sore when you lie on it at night.

How you sit at work, carry your bag, or your sporting technique are the usual reasons causing shoulder impingement.

Physiotherapy can settle your shoulder pain and improve your movement. We assess and treat the tight and inactive muscles and will certainly determine why and what has caused it in the first place!

A rotator cuff tear

Did you know 40% of people over 40 have a rotator cuff tear?

If you have an MRI or Ultrasound confirming you have a rotator cuff tear: you may or may not be experiencing pain! If you do have pain, we can treat this and will then show you how to strengthen your shoulder to unload the strain on the rotator cuff tendons. The goal is to prevent or avoid surgical intervention if possible and still enjoy all your activities of daily living and sport.

Pain under the shoulder blade that may be coming from a rib joint

If you have a stabbing pain, an ache or muscle tightness under your shoulder blade, it could be that you have a joint locked between the rib and the vertebra. We use very specific techniques to give you relief immediately. You will also learn stretches and postural exercises to stop it recurring!

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