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All ages, we can help.
Our team of physiotherapists are trained specifically to assist women with fitness and wellbeing, at any age and fitness level.


Meet our Women’s Health Physios

Alla Melman

Francine St George


Have you noticed:

a loss of balance?

bad posture?

stiff muscles?

lower back, hip, pelvic and coccyx pain?

you would like to improve your core muscle strength?

Specific concerns you may have:

Pelvic floor retraining for bladder and bowel continence

Management of urgency and overactive bladder




Do you know when to stop lying on your back to exercise?

Do you feel you would like a personalised exercise plan to suit you?

Do you know the steps you can take for a better recovery after birth?

We want you to enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, without niggling aches and pains getting in the way!



PostnatalStrong mums happy bubs Pilates

We recommend you have a check 3-4 weeks after having your baby. In the mean time download your Immediate Post Natal Care Check List.

Using Real Time Ultra Sound (RTUS) learn how to correctly activate your inner core and pelvic floor muscles to regain your pre-baby fitness.

Check your Abdominal muscle separation (diastasis).

Regain strength and stability, allowing you to get back to regular exercise with confidence.





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