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With a sign off from your Physio (for PGS attendees) you are welcome to book and use our Gym for an Independent Gym Session (IGS).


  • When can I book in? You are welcome to use our gym for IGS between 11am and 4pm except for when a PGS is running (See PGS timetable here).
  • Do I need to see a physio first? You must have a current PGS program and have a sign off from a Physio that you have progressed to working in the gym by yourself. If you don’t have a current PGS program you will need to have a screening with a Physio to set up a program for you. A 1:1 with our Pilates Instructor Mirka may be recommended if we consider you require specific supervision.
  • What equipment do I use? There is a bike and treadmill available but strengthening is the key priority so using the Pilates Equipment should be the focus of your session.
  • How much does it cost? $25 per session. We recommend Packages of 5 ($100) or 10 ($200) as this will provide you with the incentive to stay with a weekly or twice weekly visit. Packages of 5 expire 6 weeks after date of purchase and packages of 10 expire 12 weeks after date of purchase. Remaining credit can be transferred to Physio treatment or a PGS at the Expiry Date.
  • Can I claim through my health fund? IGS can not be claimed through your health fund.
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Updated July 26th 2021

As an essential service our Physios are able to offer you ongoing treatment and care.


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