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If you are regular PGS attendee, you are welcome to use our gym independently to do your rehab, Physio exercises and maintain your fitness*

Mondays are our Open Day for IGS Sessions!

All you require is a Pre-Screening and Sign-off from your Physio. This will assist you to identify your goals; determining where you need to start, what equipment to use and how you can progress in each session.

If you are currently a regular PGS (Physio Gym Session) or Pilates Class attendee, just ask the Teacher if you are ready to do a Session by yourself to complement your weekly workout. They may be able to do your Sign-off on the spot.

Please call us on 9399 7399 to book your Pre-Screening session.

* All IGS need to be pre-booked. This will ensure you have exclusive use of all equipment and your own Reformer. (Max: 4 people in the gym at any one time!)


To purchase your IGS Pass click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does A Sign-Off Mean?

To use our Physio Pilates Studio or 1:1 Space you will need a Physio Pre-Screening Session. We recommend you Book a 30′ Standard Consultation, or a 45′ Extended if you currently have pain. In this Session we will assess your flexibility, core stability, and strength and also review your baseline cardio fitness. Once the Physio confirms you understand your program and can use all our equipment safely – you will then be able to book in at a time that works for you.

What Is The Cost?

  • $20: a Casual Session
  • $100: for a Pass of 5 Sessions

When Can I Book An IGS?

  • Monday 8.30am – 5.30pm

Let us know if you have a preferred time and we can reserve it for you.

What Length Of Time Should I Book For?

We recommend you book a one-hour session. Some days you may want to shorten this workout – and this is totally fine.

Can I Claim Through My Health Fund?

Independent use of our gym space doing your own program is not claimable. Your Physio Pre-Screening, Physio 1:1 Personal Training Sessions, and our Physio Rehab Group Sessions (PGS), are claimable off your Health FundPGS is supervised by a Physio for the full hour.

I Am Not Currently A PPFC Client Can I Use Your Pilates Exercise Studio?

You are able to use the Pilates Gym only if you are a client of PPFC and your Physio has recommended this. This Session is only available for anyone who attends a Pilates or PGS Class regularly and is wanting to complement their weekly Class Session.

Pre-Requisites Of IGS:

  • Please bring your own towel
  • Wipe down your equipment after use
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