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Headaches from running

I recently treated a client with headaches that only came on when running. By working on her neck posture together with specific breathing cues, she is now able to run without triggering neck pain or headaches! Have you ever thought…

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Before you jump in!

We are looking forward to a beautiful swimming season with all this warm weather! There are many benefits to swimming such as Lung training: exhaling into the water is especially beneficial for asthmatics, helping with more efficient breathing patterns Weightlessness,…

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What does a tight jaw have to do with back pain?

It may seem odd that when you come in with back pain, we ask you questions such as "do you grind or clench your teeth?" Stay with me, there is a very good reason.   When you tense up the…

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How I avoided complex neck surgery by doing Physio exercise

A concerned young lady came to see me last year. Before migrating to Australia, she developed neck and shoulder pain. An MRI revealed a bulging disc and a neurosurgeon told her that it would never get better. She had the surgery on her…

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Injury-free Skiing – Exercises

How to Improve your Performance and Have an Injury-free Ski! It took just one hailstorm in Sydney to get me itching to ski this season. Most of us ski just a few times each year, and don’t get ourselves conditioned…

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Why does my neck STILL hurt??

Neck pain can persist for many reasons, but one of the most common is that the relationship between your eye and neck muscles has changed. Do you feel like your head is crooked when you look straight ahead? This could…

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Did you know that stiffness of the muscles in your neck, shoulders and mid back can cause headaches? Did you know that the upper joints of your neck can refer pain to the front of your face just like a…

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Top five exercises for looking after your back

An article by Francine St George, extracted from ABOUT 80 per cent of Australians will experience an episode of back pain at some point in their lives. In my physiotherapy practice, I see quite a range of back conditions…

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