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Did you know?

“3.7 million People are experiencing recurrent episodes of back pain in any one day”. National Health Survey, ABS

We do not want you to be one of them!  

Has your back locked?

We know why your back may have locked and what you need to do to get moving freely again. The goal is to allow you to leave our clinic – pain free!

We will not only use techniques for pain relief but also identify what you need to stretch and/or strengthen to prevent your pain reoccurring.

We may use Real Time Ultrasound Imaging so you can see immediately on the screen if you are using your core muscles correctly.

Have you injured your back at work?

Usually this is a muscle strain from bending awkwardly or lifting something a little too heavy. Your treatment may include massage, dry needling or acupuncture and mobilisation techniques.

In your first session we will identify why it occurred and we will go through some strategies to be sure it does not happen again.

All of our physiotherapists have worked extensively with work-related injuries, so we understand that no specific work injury is the same. We will assess the load and demands in your workplace to determine how you can return to work and remain injury free!

Does your back ache after sitting or standing for an extended period of time?

We are not designed to sit for extended periods of time, but many of us do. Usually it is poor posture and ergonomics that causes the back ache we experience after prolonged sitting. Physio will not only settle your current pain – but will run through how you can alter and improve your posture to prevent your pain reoccurring.

Do you have pain radiating down the leg?

Sciatic nerve pain is very common. Sometimes this can also be felt as hip pain or a tight muscle in your glutes.

Pain in the glutes, hip or leg is usually an indication that not only is the sciatic nerve irritated, which can be incredibly painful, but there may be some biomechanical issue causing this. To ease your pain, we will show you gentle nerve exercises, called neural glides, and work with you to determine why you have developed this pain in the first place.

If you would like to learn why you have recurrent back pain we highly recommend Francine’s latest book release: The Back Pain Handbook.  

For any back related issues, book in a physiotherapy consultation with Francine or one of her Team. Accelerate your recovery from pain.

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