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Improve your: 

Strength and Flexibility
Balance and Coordination

No matter your age, injury or your level of fitness, we have a class for you.
Pilates classes are a great way to help prevent injuries, gain strength for your every day activities, increase your sporting performance and to have fun.

Our classes offer a variety or floor based and functional movements, using a range of Pilates equipment like exercise bands, balance beams, gym balls and Pilates reformers. A major focus will be on your core stability.

The Pilates reformer uses spring-loaded resistance to create a variety of exercise workouts that are safe if you are returning to exercise after an injury and challenging once you are ready to take your fitness goals further.

Mirka will be your Pilates instructor; she is a highly qualified Pilates instructor who works closely with our Physio team. We offer 1:1 sessions, packages and term enrollments with Mirka.

Please call for further details or to book a Pilates class today

Ph:02 9399 7399 E:enquiries@physiopfc.com



“Mirka really ensures everyone is okay. I always feel better after attending the class” Janine. R

“Personal instruction, small group, variety of exercises and a friendly environment” Holly.M


Holiday Season schedule 

Term 1

Tuesday 28 January – Saturday 18 April


Contact us now Ph:9399 7399 E:enquiries@physiopfc.com