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Is this you?

Do you think your posture could be better?

Do you have your head and neck leaned forward most of the day?

This is approx. 22kgs through the base of your neck. No wonder our neck and shoulders get tight!

Would you like to learn...

  • Tips to decrease the tension in your neck and shoulders if you have a sedentary job
  • How to identify what you need to stretch and/or what needs to be strengthened
  • How to alter the habit of standing on one leg

No matter your age, occupation or level of fitness it is always possible to improve your posture.

Our clinics philosophy is – Prevent your pain before it starts. Many of the aches and pains we treat at our clinic are due to poor posture.

During your posture assessment we will be able to identify what it is you need to focus on to improve your posture, and prevent some of those daily aches you may be experiencing.

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