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HeadachesDid you know that stiffness of the muscles in your neck, shoulders and mid back can cause headaches?

Did you know that the upper joints of your neck can refer pain to the front of your face just like a headache?

If you go ahead and google the amount of headaches you could compile a list of hundreds. Physiotherapy will help to assess what type of headache you have and how best to treat it!

Tension can build over time and certain muscles can refer pain to the back of the head, forehead and sometimes even behind the eye. Our posture all day, particularly if you have a desk job can be one the biggest contributors to the cause of your headaches.

Here are 3 Exercises to try at your desk:

HA 3

HA 2

HA 1







If headaches have been a persistent issue for you, book in an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists.

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