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New Bodyworks


New solutions to old problems have changed the treatment and management of many common body aches and pains. Based on new research using the latest scanning technology, New Bodyworks offers easy and safe exercise strategies invaluable to the general reader, health professionals and personal trainers alike.

These strategies have been proven effective in clinical practice. Each illustrated section clearly explains a part of the body’s anatomy and covers common injuries – including back pain, a cricked neck, shoulder pain, a nagging knee or wrist pain. New Bodyworks explains the likely causes, offers immediate solutions and shows how to stop the pain recurring. You will be introduced to surprisingly simple stretches and exercises addressing muscle pain, underlying nerve tension and core stability, with checks to ensure you are doing your stability work correctly. Once you start these exercises, you should notice an immediate improvement in your daily posture and sporting performance. Following the same format as the original Bodyworks, at the end of New Bodyworks, the exercises are grouped into convenient sections to guide your routines. New Bodyworks is a unique resource to help you understand and look after your body, keep fit, avoid injury and ease those annoying aches and pains.

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